Have specific questions about your current or future products? Or your existing or potential consumers? Foxtale converts them into a comprehensive, targeted research plan aimed at achieving accurate, representative and above all actionable results.

Depending on your individual objectives, Foxtale may employ any number of multiple research techniques. In all cases, however, your tailored research plan will be based on three fundamental elements: observation, interview and analysis, all built on a thorough knowledge of cognitive psychology and usability.

As proven specialists in the field, we offer a wide range of high-quality research methodologies which can be customised to suit your objectives and budget. Follow the links below for more information about each one.

In-depth interviews

The holy grail: for the answer to all your questions.


In-depth interviews are a fast, profitable and inimitable way of obtaining answers to all your product-related questions. In combination with specific observation techniques, in-depth interviews are an emphatic step towards obtaining deep insights into your market and your business.

At the same time, the research results from direct, unstructured discussions with one or more interviewees offer a valuable window on the thoughts, feelings and expectations of your consumers.

Foxtale makes full use of its extensive experience, patience, perseverance and, above all, sensitivity for both verbal and non-verbal signals to guarantee high-quality in-depth interviews.

Foxtale can conduct any kind of interview from individual or duo interviews to focus groups, online interviews and more.


Focus groups

Group dynamic as a driver for nuanced insights.


In the case of structured conversations with groups of consumers, we make use of the dynamic within the group to create a lively discussion about the predefined questions of greatest interest to you.

The discussion is guided by a trained moderator (at Foxtale, this person is always a senior researcher) who extracts the maximum amount of information by adapting quickly to the changing dynamics of the group discussion.

Depending on the objectives of the research project, we can organise either small or large focus groups, product-assisted focus groups, etc.

Our experience is that focus groups work best in combination with observations of one type or another. We therefore recommend employing product-assisted focus groups wherever possible. In order to obtain clear and nuanced insights into your consumers’ real opinions.


Concept tests

Minimise the risk while maximising the profitability of new concepts.


What do consumers think about your new concept? Maybe you need to improve it? Or even consider abandoning it?

Launching a new product or improving an existing one is always a major and delicate step for any company. By conducting, for example, individual interviews, setting up focus groups or hosting interactive discussions and workshops with consumers, we are able to ascertain the general feasibility as well as the potential weak points, areas for improvement, positioning strategies, etc. for your concept.

By evaluating and testing a new or improved concept amongst potential consumers, we can help minimise the risks and maximise the profits for your organisation. Saving you at the very least on unnecessary development costs.


Expert review

One of our own special areas of expertise at Foxtale! Where your product is analysed and evaluated down to the tiniest detail.


Our knowledge of cognitive psychology and our extensive experience in the field of user testing enable us to evaluate your product in depth while identifying its strengths and weaknesses. Thereby providing you with a comprehensive and uncensored evaluation.

Expert reviews are conducted on the basis of structured analyses of users, their tasks and context of operation. We may also use a list of recognised user-friendliness heuristics; a research method that enables us to evaluate your user interface or product quickly and cost effectively.

Reviewing your product in comparison with those of your competitors often gives rise to new improvement ideas.

A heuristic or expert review can be deployed at various phases of the development cycle. We recommend, however, that they be conducted as early as possible and at regular intervals throughout the development process.


User tests

User-friendly products are just the beginning


By testing your product among your intended target group before going into mass production, you can make sure your product has what it takes to offer an essential experience to your consumers.

During all user tests, we ask participants to “think out loud” while using your product. We observe their behaviour and thoroughly analyse the underlying reasons for their actions. These tests can be carried out in either a natural setting or a controlled environment. The first option –in the intended context with intended users – enables us to identify environmental factors and detect potential problems that may not be apparent in a controlled environment.

Foxtale’s user tests offer you all the insights you need to make a user-friendly product that is truly adapted not only to the needs of your consumers but also the context in which they are most likely to use your product.


Prototype testing

A powerful source of cost savings and inspiration.


By building a prototype of your product and observing users interact with it for the first time, Foxtale is able to detect potential issues long before actual production begins. Which is, of course, considerably more cost effective than having to make adjustments later in the production process or even having to abandon the product altogether in the event it fails to gain traction amongst your target group.

Foxtale has considerable experience in composing and leading the multidisciplinary teams that are often necessary for building prototypes. From low-fidelity static and non-functional simulations with pen and paper to high-fidelity dynamic and functional, computer-guided product models.

Prototypes not only generate consumer feedback at an early stage of your project but also help you:

  • define and validate product requirements
  • convince managers, stakeholders, potential investors, etc. of the merits of a given concept
  • create marketing demos
  • investigate the usability of your product while exploring alternative solutions
  • develop training programmes for intended users.

Design tests

A better design opens the door to a bigger market share


Attractive forms and materials have a strong influence on sales and market share. The ideal combination of good design and optimal functionality, however, calls for well-founded and well-informed choices.

Foxtale researches and analyses multiple design proposals on the basis of expert reviews, consumer tests, individual interviews, focus groups, competitor product comparisons, etc. We identify potential improvements in the design and test concrete alternatives. We make it clear how users experience your design and ascertain what works best for your consumers. Giving you the key to unlocking a bigger chunk of the market.


Analysis of benchmark products

Stay a step ahead of your competitors.


Looking for new ideas or just want to stay a step ahead of the competition? Studying your competitors’ products can be a fruitful way of achieving both goals.

Depending on your desired information, we carry out a series of expert reviews, user tests, comparative tests, in-depth interviews, etc. with benchmark products.

The benefits of this approach are similarly multiple: insight into the strengths and weaknesses of current and potential competitors; insight into your own products in comparison with those of the competition; ideas for new technologies and products; identification of new market opportunities; insights into the solutions and product modifications of your competitors; etc.


Ethnographic research

Knowledge of other cultures gives you access to specific consumer groups.


Foxtale can study the behaviour, beliefs, habits, forms of communication, etc. of any ethnic group in context. By employing ethnographic research techniques, we provide you with insights into the cultural context of your consumers.

The results of our ethnographic research enable you to differentiate your product range and to develop products and marketing strategies which specifically target certain cultures or consumer groups.


In-home tests

Concrete tips for improvement, including free publicity.


We place your product for a pre-defined period in the homes of potential consumers in order to obtain insights into how your product is used by your intended users in its intended context.

This method can be applied to both finished and unfinished products or prototypes, with or without concurrent analysis of competitor products.

The result is an extensive report with detailed guidelines on how you can improve your product.

From experience, we know that in-home tests also offer the added advantage of free advertising. Participants feel appreciated and involved and consequently provide free publicity for your product and brand.


Desk research

Put the free information already at your disposal to full use.


Companies often already have access to large amounts of information – free of charge and ripe for the picking. The only thing is, it is often not easy to determine which data is most relevant and in what way.

Whether it be extracting information online via forums, consumer associations, help desk data or video material, Foxtale distils and analyses the information you need to make important and well-founded decisions.


Diary study

For an essential place in your customers' lives.


A diary study can be a very profitable and reliable method of obtaining deep insights into the daily lives of your consumers.

By asking consumers to note down information on a daily basis or even several times per day, we can be sure the data we gather is not tainted by inaccurate memories. This technique offers a clear insight into consumer habits, their way of life, their expectations and the ways in which they use your or competitors’ products.

Diary studies are an exceptional tool for ascertaining how your products can adopt an essential place in the lives of your consumers.


Requirements definition, analysis & review

An outside point of view ensures more accurate requirements.


As soon as a concept is fixed, certain details such as its features, navigation structure, size, colours, etc. are defined in a requirements document. This document is an important reference for the developer who is assigned to building the product.

Foxtale can help you define and evaluate your product requirements via a range of services.

Firstly, we help you understand your users, their tasks and the contexts in which they carry out those tasks. In addition, we use heuristic techniques to evaluate the requirements themselves. Either via reference to a list of universal user-friendliness criteria or a customised list of criteria compiled specifically for your project.

Having an “outsider” help define and validate your requirements has many advantages. We ensure, for one, a fresh look at the facts. One that is untainted by prior knowledge and which encompasses a broader perspective than that of purely technical experts.

Foxtale represents your consumer in the “purest” way possible. We therefore offer the advantage of being able to detect inconsistencies, irregularities, contradictions, problems, complications, etc. with greater ease and efficiency than people who are already immersed in the project.


Online communities

The infallible radar for detecting what consumer groups think about your business.


Foxtale can construct online discussion forums for the purposes of discussing specific topics with a carefully selected target group. Depending on your needs, the discussion forums can be deployed for a short period, a year or even longer. The discussions are led by an experienced moderator.

Online communities have the potential to generate deep insights into specific subjects on the basis of high-quality data from a large group of consumers.