About Foxtale

Foxtale is a full-service qualitative market research agency. We help our clients to understand the real needs of their consumers. We deep dive inside the consumer’s mind and identify and optimize the product that will deliver effective business growth.

We offer consumer insights of the highest quality by combining scientific methodology with a strong personal and intuitive approach. We deploy advanced analytical techniques to uncover the hidden stories in your data and explain them in crystal clear action-based reports, supported by years of experience and a deep knowledge of contemporary psychology.

We operate worldwide and work for (but not exclusively) international brands and multinational companies.

About the Foxtale approach

Supported by specialists if needed, Wendy De Moor prefers to maintain a personal, direct relationship with clients, in order to avoid the trickle-down syndrome and dilution of precious information in the process. She combines a sensitive and intuitive approach with scientific methods, detailed knowledge of psychological science and years of experience.

About the Foxtale promises
  • 20 years of research experience, 10 years of usability research expertise.
  • Proven talent to inspire multi-disciplinary teams working towards optimal products and optimal user experiences.
  • Unshakable capacity to deliver quality in a fast paced environment.
  • Perfectly skilled to do research in complex environments (e.g., medical environments, complex safety systems).
  • More than 1000 hours of training experience.
  • Dynamic, hands-on can-do personality that likes to move things forward.
  • Responsibility. Integrity. Authenticity. Passion.

About Wendy De Moor


Ph. D. Psychological Sciences (Ghent University, 1998-2002)

Master Psychology (Ghent University, 1993-1998)
Option Theoretical and Experimental Psychology

Certificate Human Factors for Medical Devices (AAMI University, June 2017)
Training course for applying human factors throughout the life-cycle of a device, and understanding of the standards and regulation requirements for medical device manufacturers.


(January 2013 - …)

  • Founder and owner.
  • Conducting market insights and product improvement research for companies.

HOWEST University College - Industrial Design Centre
(December 2013 – January 2015)
  • The open knowledge centre of Howest University College and Ghent University where industry, research and education co-create on a daily basis.
  • Position: Ad hoc and project based Lecturer Design Research.
  • Realisations: Introducing industrial design students in design research, supervise and mentor student projects to develop ideas into concrete and usable prototypes.

Philips / TP Vision
(July 2008 – December 2012)
  • Innovation company committed to the renowned Philips TV brand.
  • Position: Usability researcher (100%).
  • Realisations: Introducing new research methods adapted to the fast-cycle development of TV; recurrent cost savings by identifying usability issues before proof of function; generating long-term usability benefits by creating and providing usability sensitization training for software developers in Bangalore; successful project management for prototype building

University College Ghent
(October 2002 – September 2012)
  • Largest University College of Belgium with more than 18000 students.
  • Position: Guest professor of Psychology at the Faculty of applied language studies (20%).
  • Achievements: Interactive teaching in groups of more than 300 students.

Ghent University
(October 2002 – June 2008)
  • The only Belgian university in Ranking Web of World Universities (ranked 60th world wide and 7th in Europe).
  • Position: Post-doctoral researcher (100%).
  • Achievements: Several scientific A1 publications on a variety of cognitive psychology topics; proven first-class interactive teaching of large groups (+1000 students) in psychology and methodology.