Get a deep understanding of your customers

Today, the customer is at the center of a complex system of interactions with brands, products and services. Understanding what customers really want, what motivates them and how they make decisions requires specific and proven research methods. Core to this understanding are insights and the active use of insight tools.

This is what we do at Foxtale. We offer deep, detailed and scientific insights in fundamental consumer needs that companies use in order to create value for their customers and their business.

FDA testing for IntelliSpace Cognition

Philips is present in more than 100 countries with a wide range of innovative products and services. The company invests a budget equal to about 10% of sales in R&D.

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With IntelliSpace Cognition, Philips developed a digital platform capable of delivering a variety of cognitive assessments in the neurology practice. It hosts validated and reliable assessments based on best neuropsychology making available objective measures relevant to a person’s cognition.

Before bringing IntelliSpace Cognition to the market, Philips asked Foxtale to test the product for FDA approval.

As a usability engineer we:

  • were part of a highly qualified multidisciplinary team within a Philips Healthworks venture Digital Cognitive Diagnostics.
  • conducted early design reviews and UI risk analysis.
  • helped define requirements.
  • ran user tests, within well-defined standards (ISO 62366, FDA procedures for testing medical devices, QMS procedures).
  • produced test reports according to FDA requirements.

AG Insurance
Insurance with benefits

AG Insurance offers a wide variety of insurance products in Belgium.
It has developed a new online application called “My Global Benefits”, which allows clients to declare and monitor - online and autonomously - various costs, such as hospitalization bills, medicines, doctor's visits, etc.

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Foxtale was asked to perform a concept evaluation and usability test before AG Insurance went live with this application.

Several tailor-made tests were performed and following topics were extensively researched:

  • Does this concept meet the real needs of the user?
  • Are the screens user-friendly?
  • What can be improved, what should be retained?

Throughout the testing phases, we did not limit ourselves to collecting and analyzing data, but also pro-actively engaged in converting these insights into application improvement recommendations. This required a detailed knowledge of product and usage, even when our client asked for the interim data to be switched quickly from one research stage to another.

The result? A bunch of performant and user-friendly 'Benefits' in the new “My Global Benefits” application.


Deep insights in software for the brain

Elekta is a NASDAQ listed Swedish company. Its treatment solutions and informatics portfolios are designed to support radiation therapy, radiosurgery and brachytherapy, and to enhance cost efficiency in clinical workflows, while improving, prolonging and saving the lives of people with cancer and brain disorders.

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Elekta’s MEG (magnetoencephalography) software drives a fully non-invasive technique for measuring the brain’s neuronal activity. It is an exceptionally complex system, operated by specialized clinical users supported by engineers.

As always, Foxtale approached its mission by assembling and processing in-depth information about the product and its functional environment. We subsequently organized deepdive individual interviews and focus groups in several European countries and the U.S., the analysis of which resulted in detailed and unique insights in how to optimize the MEG software.

We are proud to report that the results of our efforts will be incorporated in the development of the next generation Elekta software.


Testing a new news platform

De Persgroep has created a new online news platform called ‘Topics’, in which content from 13 Dutch and Flemish newspapers is combined. Subscribers can follow playlists about topics that interest them or compile their own news from favorite newsgroups, sports clubs, local city or village news, current topics, etc.

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Within this new platform, the relevant content is continuously selected and bundled in a personal news site, with ‘personal’ being key in this context. Topics is designed to meet the individual needs of all subscribers.

In a Foxtale study based on focus groups in both Belgium and the Netherlands, the new platform was evaluated in its conceptual stage.

The evaluation of a concept requires – even more than finished products - a highly specialized knowledge of scientific research methods.

Foxtale examined how Topics should reflect individual reading behavior (functional as well as usability wise). We tested not only the model at hand, but also a wide variety of alternatives. This required extensive interaction with the client and a thorough understanding of the product’s interface, usability and target groups.

Based on our input, the Topics concept was fine-tuned and launched successfully.


Illuminating a new digital strategy

Niko develops, produces and distributes more than 5,000 products and solutions for switching materials, door communication systems, lighting control and home automation systems. The company services both residential and professional customers.

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Regarding its digital strategy, Niko aims to match the appropriate digital communication tools with the corresponding target audience, taking into account their sometimes widely different backgrounds in terms of activity and user profile.

Therefore, in a first stage, Niko’s new website was developed as a low fidelity prototype (website on paper). Foxtale then tested this concept on focus groups representing the company’s main customer segments.

Low fidelity prototype testing requires thorough knowledge of the mechanisms of early concept validation, and an acute awareness of how the testing process itself can interfere with the results.

Foxtale’s research and testing for Niko went beyond a mere collection of data or theoretical analysis. Instead, we delivered clear and practical insights, defining the unmet needs of customers, providing detailed guidelines on how the website should look and feel, and what specific content to present to which customers.


Connecting with clients

Nagelmackers is Belgium's oldest bank and specializes in asset planning. It is known for focusing on a very personal client approach.
But how do clients experience Nagelmackers’ products and services? What are their real needs and expectations? How do they perceive standard versus extra service levels? Is there room for improvement and how can this be accomplished?

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To answer these questions, Foxtale put in place a scientific in-depth touchpoint research project.

Researching the Nagelmackers target groups required a delicate and sensitive approach, involving quite a bit of flexibility and careful planning while interacting with clients at their home address.

Our research not only covered all questions formulated by Nagelmackers concerning their touchpoints with clients (private banking, customer relations management, offices, mail, contact by phone, magazines, website, mobile app, e-mail), but we also acquired and processed a significant amount of relevant information about topics that were not part of the initial brief (e.g. how to improve sales and marketing).

Bank Nagelmackers was highly satisfied with the depth, scope and result of our work.